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Lucas Stand #1

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  • Posted on 16th Sep, 2022 18:03 PM

Addict and ex-soldier Lucas Stand is given a supernatural second chance in Kurt Sutter, Caitlin Kittredge and Jesus Hervas' "Lucas Stand" #1.

With supernatural ass-kicking, a hard-drinking narrator and a breakneck pace, "Lucas Stand" #1 clearly plays to its creators' strengths. Lucas' tough, disaffected masculinity suggests much of what fans loved about Kurt Sutter's "Sons of Anarchy," w¬hile the book's upfront, voice-driven exposition draws heavily on Caitlin Kittredge's "Coffin Hill" skill set. So far as the visuals, Jesús Hervás and Adam Metcalfe draw a gritty, modern world with action and atmosphere to spare. Though the issue begins with a distinct voice and killer kickoff, the second half drops that momentum for a more confused, uninventive time travel sequence that never quite pays off. "Lucas Stand" #1 definitely delivers on voice and concept, but it left me less excited on the last page than I was on the third.


Lucas' personality dominates the issue. He narrates heavily and provides most of the dialogue, so a reader's love for the story depends almost entirely on how compelling and believable you find him. He's an ex-soldier who's become addicted to alcohol and drugs since being injured in the line of duty, and Sutter establishes his tough-guy persona from the first line: "We like to think we've got free will, but that's bullshit." However, this macho posturing is also balanced with self-recriminations like, "It's not the pills or the whiskey that's responsible for the things I do. That's all me." I've certainly read similar narrators before, but Lucas makes more impulsive, destructive decisions in the first few pages than many characters are allowed to make in entire arcs. Sutter and Kittredge put their narrative money where their mouth is, and it pays off; I genuinely didn't know what Lucas would do next.

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