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Marvel Debuts Quesada's Angela Redesign

Marvel Debuts Quesada's Angela Redesign Image
  • Posted on 14th Sep, 2022 23:32 PM

The angelic warrior of the '90s makes her Marvel debut in a few short weeks, and today the publisher revealed CCO Joe Quesada's redesign for Angela's arrival in "Age of Ultron."

When it was announced, the news that Neil Gaiman would be bringing the Angela character he created with Todd McFarlane in the page of "Spawn" to the Marvel Universe resulted in more questions than answers. How did the character whose rights Gaiman won in a court battle fit into Marvel from a legal perspective? How did the warrior angel fit into the Marvel Universe, continuity-wise? And what exactly did this mean for the "ending no one will guess" for Marvel's "Age of Ultron" event?


Today, another piece of the puzzle was revealed as Marvel debuted the first image of their take on Angela on EW.com. The new design for the character comes courtesy of Marvel CCO Joe Quesada, who will be drawing her debut at the end of June's "Age of Ultron" #10 as written by Brian Michael Bendis.

While he didn't discuss how Angela fits into the Marvel landscape directly, Joe Q pointed to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's introduction of Captain America in "Avengers" #4 as a high-profile instance where a character from one era was introduced into another, very different, time and landscape. "There was somewhat of a roadmap for doing this kind of thing that Stan Lee established back in 1962 with the return of Captain America," Quesada said. "[Lee] found a clever way to not just bring him back but to introduce new character elements, like the man-out-of-time subplot that added a real sympathy to Cap. That's the kind of approach we looked at. What would we do if this was a character that had been in our library a long time, butdoesn'tnecessary fit into our [contemporary] concept of the Marvel Universe? How do we take her and make her work?"

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