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Marvel's Next Big Thing: Remender & Bunn on "Venom"

Marvel's Next Big Thing: Remender & Bunn on "Venom" Image
  • Posted on 16th Sep, 2022 01:32 AM

Cullen Bunn steps into the role of "Venom" writer full time, and he and Rick Remender talked up the next phase of Flash Thompson's life from the Savage Six to the Monsters of Evil and more.

For the latest of its regular "Next Big Thing" calls with the press, Marvel Comics also made its latest creative promotion. Today, the publisher announced that writer Cullen Bunn - who's recently taken on "Wolverine" in addition to events like "The Fearless" and the indie hit "The Sixth Gun" -will become the full-time writer on "Venom" starting with issue #23 in August. Bunn has been co-writing the series of late with Rick Remender, who joined the call to talk about the handoff and his finale issue in #22.


Bunn was asked about this incoming "Captain America & Hawkeye" story that also supposedly included symbiotes, but the writer said that the threats showing up there aren't Venom-like symbiotes in the way Marvel fans knew them. So there would be no real crossover between the two projects.

Asked whether moving off of "Venom" meant he'd have more other Marvel books coming soon, Remender said, "There's some stuff."

At one point, Remender made an off-hand comment on a "symbiote spawing season." Asked more about it, the writer said that maybe such an event could be in the offing and that it could "possibly even be earth-shattering." He said that since working on "Venom," he's been thinking more about the sci-fi possibilities of a race of aliens who take the form of inky monsters.

The writers clarified that Remender will write issue #22 solo as his swan song with the book, and when Bunn comes on for #23, they're crafting a new story where anyone can jump right in. The title of the arc will be "The Monsters of Evil" which Brennan said Steve Wacker came up with.

"I think going into some of what I'm doing, Flash is kind of scared of that happening," said Bunn.

"Flash Thompson, he's gone through a lot, he's turned into a better person," said Brennan. "At his heart, there's a violent guy in there. The question becomes who is more dangerous -- the suit or the guy that wears it?"

After the participants mentioned Declan Shalvey will be drawing "Venom" #22 and Thony Silas will take on "Venom" #23, the call ended. Stay tuned to CBR for more on Bunn & Remender's "Venom."

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