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MORNING GLORY DAYS: Inside The Season Finale, Pt. 1

MORNING GLORY DAYS: Inside The Season Finale, Pt. 1 Image
  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 03:03 AM

As the Season One finale of "Morning Glories" kicks off, writer Nick Spencer explains the secrets of double vision, payoffs and patricide as Ike confronts his father Abraham.

The cliffhanger endings to your favorite TV shows may be a few months off yet, but in comics one season finale is on the verge of blowing Image Comics "Morning Glories" wide open.

With their most recent issues, writer Nick Spencer and artist Joe Eisma have started to turn mystery to revelation to a greater extent than before in the long-running sci-fi/spiritual/mystery/teen drama. From the machinations of Truants spiritual leader Abraham to the grisly details of the sacrifice demanded by the Morning Glory Academy's resident ghost monster David, the action is lining up as the book moves towards the conclusion of its first "Season" of stories in the incoming #25.


And with that, CBR's ongoing look behind the scenes of the series -AKA MORNING GLORY DAYS -kicks it into high gear. This month, Spencer explains why the finale had to break into two parts as he details the drama of issue #24. The last "character spotlight" issue of the season, the issue not only gives some big background on perpetual bad boy Ike. It also starts to tie the threads of Woodrun, the Truants, Abraham and the time shifts closer together. Below, the writer explains how he approached wrapping up the major mysteries in a satisfying fashion and why a good season finale asks more questions than it answers.

[Laughs] Exactly! That is one of those funny storytelling things. I heard Damon Lindelof very recently use that as an example of "That thing you think you want, but which no one has ever wanted." That's never how you want to do it. So #25 is not going to be that. The other big component here is that to me the best season enders always ended on a cliffhanger. They made you want to hurry up and get to the next season. That's very much in play here. We didn't want you to go, "Well, I guess I can quit reading the book now!" Hopefully, the response will be "When's the next one coming?" Things go pretty nuts towards the end. We get some of our craziest visuals, and we drop some new, crazy things on you at the end. When it was all said and done, I sat down to read it, and I felt pretty happy with how it came out. It's a tricky formula to pull off, but I hope it's a pretty rewarding 48 pages.

Come back in April for an in-depth look at "Morning Glories" #25!

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