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MORNING GLORY DAYS: Time Traveling Daddy Issues

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  • Posted on 16th Sep, 2022 06:32 AM

This month, Nick Spencer takes readers of his Image series "Morning Glories" on a twisting time travel path as issue #16 sees Casey confront her dead father and Ms. Hodge play God in some unexpected ways.

Welcome to another edition of MORNING GLORY DAYS, Comic Book Resources' exclusive column dedicated to all things "Morning Glories," the smash hit Image Comics series written by Nick Spencer and illustrated by Joe Eisma. Following every new issue of the series, CBR News will sit down with Spencer for insight and illumination on some of the most mysterious layers "Morning Glories" has to offer.

This time out, the third arc of the series - "Physical Education" -takes a turn for the strange as we catch up with issue #16 and where Casey and Ms. Hodge have been since taking a time travel trip through the mysterious cave located on the Academy's grounds. While Zoe slashes her way to Hunter's heart in the present, Ike and Jade wait out what's to come in the cave and Jun does...whatever it is Jun is doing, the time traveling teacher-student combo have a lot on their plates.


Below, Spencer reveals how time travel in his series may work differently than in previous pop culture sci-fi stories, what seeing the world through the eyes of Casey's father may do, why Ms. Hodge is playing God and where she stared doing so and more. Read on!

And looking forward to issue #17, are we going to get to wrapping this story up with a final say on what Woodrun is and how this match will be completed?

This arc is going to go through issue #19, so we've still got three more issues to go. Our next issue, since we've now spent a couple issues with Casey and a couple with Zoe and Hunter, will focus all our time on Ike and Jade. It's our quietest issue to date in some ways. It's a really fun "two people in a room" story, and I was excited to do one of those. Those two are a lot of fun to write together, and I'm really excited to get back to the two of them since we haven't seen them in a while.

"Morning Glories" #17 goes on sale this month from Image Comics and Shadowline.

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