My Hero Academia's 10 Coolest Class 1-B Students, Ranked

My Hero Academia's 10 Coolest Class 1-B Students, Ranked Image
  • Posted on 22nd Sep, 2022 22:31 PM

Class 1-B is often overshadowed by its rival class, 1-A, but even so, Class 1-B has plenty of cool, awe-inspiring students to its name.

In the story of My Hero Academia, costumed pro heroes and wicked villains alike tend to have really cool designs for their outfits, personalities, and combat Quirks, often being modeled on the best, coolest characters from classic shonen manga and American comics. In fact, most of Class 1-A's and 1-B's students are nearly as cool as the pro heroes they look up to.

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Class 1-A has U.A. High's coolest students of all, such as Fumikage and Shoto, but as the joint training story arc showed, Class 1-B isn't far behind. Neito Monoma and his classmates wowed everyone with their impressive Quirks and costumes, and by now, plenty of Class 1-B's students rank among My Hero Academia's coolest characters of all.


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Shihai Kuroiri is yet another spooky but awesome character of Class 1-B. A cool guy who has mastered the darkness, some fans might call him an edgelord or a Goth wannabe, but Shihai can back up his grandiose, impressive words with the use of his formidable Quirk. He is much more powerful than he looks.

Shihai amazed My Hero Academia fans when he took the fight to Class 1-A's own darkness powerhouse, Fumikage Tokoyami. Fumikage fought hard with Dark Shadow, but the clever, stylish Shihai outmaneuvered him over and over again, proving that Shihai can really punch above his weight.

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