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Nelson and "Supergirl" Just Want to Have Fun

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  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 04:18 AM

CBR spoke to incoming writer Michael Alan Nelson about his plans for DC Comics' "Supergirl," her Kryptonian outlook on life and what creative changes he aims to make on the book.

As announced during CBR's monthly B&B column with Bob Harras and Bobbie Chase, "Supergirl" is getting a new writer in May as current scribe Mike Johnson steps aside and Michael Alan Nelson picks up the pen alongside Mahmud Asrar who will remain as the regular artist.

A new face to many DC Comics fans, Nelson got his start in comics at BOOM! Studios writing dark horror comics like "Fall Of Cthulhu." Besides taking over Kara's tale, Nelson began writing "The Ravagers" with artist Ig Guara in January.


With two ongoing DC books to juggle, CBR News caught up with the busy Nelson to talk everything Supergirl, including his plans for Kara's supporting cast, her attitude towards Earth and his enthusiastic approach to the Maid of Might.

CBR News: Right now you're writing "Ravagers" for DC. What about the title made you want to add "Supergirl" to your plate?

While the pace of the series will change with Nelson's arrival, artist Mahmud Asrar is sticking around

"Supergirl" #18 cover by Asrar

Along those lines, with the two coming face to face should readers get ready to see a new person to claim the mantle of Supergirl?

Ha ha! That question is rather ironic considering what's about to happen. To give any details would ruin the surprise, but I will say that there is some... confusion within the issue that causes some serious problems that result in an ongoing complication for Supergirl. Vague, I know, but you'll understand once you read it.

Do you have plans to introduce new supporting cast members or to expand on characters, perhaps Silver Banshee, who have already been introduced?

Oh yes. Right now, Siobhan the Silver Banshee (and to an extent, her brother as well) is Kara's only friend.So it will be fun to see her strengthen that relationship while developing a few new ones.Plus, how will those new relationships affect her friendship with Siobhan, especially if those new relationships are with non-supers?Will Kara even be able to have meaningful relationships with non-supers? This is where I think the core of her character is.She's trying to find a place to belong, to make connections with other people.That's hard enough as it is, but when you're also fighting insanely powerful people, it becomes almost impossible.And it's in all that chaos and tension where the fun of the story lives.

Nelson's story begins in "Supergirl" #20, on sale May 15.

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