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Nero and Dowling's "Death Sentence" Extended with Titan

Nero and Dowling's "Death Sentence" Extended with Titan Image
  • Posted on 14th Sep, 2022 21:18 PM

Monty Nero & Mike Dowling discuss "Death Sentence" and how the series about a terminal STD that grants superpowers found new life at Titan Comics after debuting in "Clint Magazine." Plus, previews of the first 2 issues.

The good news is you just got laid and now you've got superpowers. The bad news is you only have six months to live. That's the premise in Titan Comics' six issue miniseries "Death Sentence" by writer Monty Nero and artist Mike Dowling.

Debuting in October, "Death Sentence" follows three young people after they contract the fatal G+ Virus, an STD that gives the infected superpowers for six months before killing them. The book was partially serialized in "Clint Magazine" in 2012 after Dowling and Nero showed a preview issue to Mark Millar at the Kapow! Comic Convention. The Titan Comics issues reprint the original material before putting out new issues to complete the story.


Nero and Dowling spoke with CBR about "Death Sentence," revealing how the series landed at Titan Comics, explaining what's going on with Dowling and Frankie Boyle's "Rex Royd" and teasing the Hollywood prospects for the STD-themed series.

CBR News: What was your inspiration for a comic book about sexually transmitted superpowers?

Monty Nero: I was at a convention expounding my bullshit theories about comics and how to make them more relevant to our lives. It struck me on the drive home it was very presumptuous of me to bang on like that when I hadn't written a comic myself.

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