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Nguyen Celebrates Holidays With "Batman: Li'l Gotham"

Nguyen Celebrates Holidays With "Batman: Li'l Gotham" Image
  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 05:18 AM

"Batman: Li'l Gotham" artist/co-writer Dustin Nguyen discusses his work on DC's successful holiday-themed digital-first series and teases plans for the publisher's cutest take on the Dark Knight.

In October 2012, DC Comics continued expanding its digital-first publishing initiative with the cutest take on the Dark Knight yet: "Batman: Li'l Gotham." Based on a concept by frequent collaborators Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs, the debut digital issue of "Batman: Li'l Gotham" covered the magic of Halloween as Batman attempted to teach Damien Wayne about the wonder of the holiday. Since its debut, issues of "Batman: Li'l Gotham" have placed in DC's digital top 20, becoming one the publisher's strongest digital-first series.


To get an idea of where the series is headed in 2013, CBR News spoke with series co-writer and artist Dustin Nguyen, who discussed the initial pitch for the series, the existence of "Li'l Gotham" as short backup stories in "Batman Annual" and "Detective Comics Annual," the advantages of working in the digital format and the possibilities of expanding "Li'l Gotham" beyond its Gotham City borders.

CBR News: Dustin, before we kick things off and discuss the future of "Batman: Li'l Gotham," what were your expectations for the digital-only comic prior to launching last year? Did you think it would become as big a phenomenon as it has?

Yes! I think it's been solicited already, but our first issue in print hits newstands in April.

What else do you have coming down the line in the coming months?

I think DC's about to make that announcement pretty soon.

The print edition of "Batman: Li'l Gotham" #1 arrives in April. Stay tuned to CBR News for more on upcoming digital episodes and Nguyen's future projects.

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