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Nick Barrucci Plans Dynamite's Big 2013

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  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 08:32 AM

With an array of new series like Mark Waid's "Green Hornet" and Rick Remender's "Devolution," Dynamite Entertainment is looking to strike big in 2013, and Publisher Nick Barrucci explains their long term plans for growth.

Earlier this fall, Dynamite Entertainment surprised readers at New York Comic Con with wave after wave of new project announcements. From revisions of standing properties like Mark Waid writing "The Green Hornet" and Matt Wagner launching "The Shadow: Year One" to brand new franchises like Rick Remender's "Devolution" to Garth Ennis' "Red Team," the company split over a dozen announcements between big name creators and recognizable properties.


Recruiting first time Dynamite creators like Waid, Fred Van Lente, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, Andy Diggle and Joshua Hale Fialkov put out notice that 2013 was going to be a growth year for the publisher known for its mix of licensed properties and creator-owned titles like Ennis and Darick Robertson's recently concluded "The Boys." And as their title count and creative roster grew, Dynamite was also welcomed into Diamond Comic Distributor's Final Order Cutoff system which streamlines retailers ability to order their books in a timely manner.

To help gauge the impact of all this news and to help set a path for Dynamite's plans to grow as a company over the next year, CBR News spoke to Publisher Nick Barrucci about the company's 2013 lineup. Below, he explains how the massive amount of announcements hitting during the fall show was part planning, part luck, addresses the successes and failures Dynamite has had in the past which made them the company they are today, discusses incoming changes for their operation including new offices and incoming staff and reveals being the scenes stories on titles ranging from the pulp crossover "Masks" to "Green Hornet" to "Battlestar Galactica" and beyond.

But Chris was the voice that brought that together, and when you read his story and the back matter in those issues, you're going to go, "Holy shit! I can't believe they put it together this well." I feel the same way about "Prophey" with what Ron Marz was able to do. It's just getting down into the thick of these characters to surprise everybody. That's what we're looking for in every series, and it will lead to more growth for the company: continuing to find new surprises while keeping things ongoing for the long term.

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