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NYCC EXCLUSIVE: Ales Kot Doubles Down with "Zero" & "The Surface"

NYCC EXCLUSIVE: Ales Kot Doubles Down with "Zero" & "The Surface" Image
  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 12:18 PM

"Wild Children" and "Change" writer Ales Kot made a major splash at New York Comic Con, announcing two brand new Image Comics titles. CBR spoke to him about "Zero" and "The Surface."

NYCC: Ales Kot's Brave New Worlds

"Change" and "Wild Children" writer Ales Kot discusses his two new Image Comics series' "Zero" and "The Surface."

Most writers are content to announce just one project at New York Comic Con, but not Ales Kot. Image Comics revealed two new creator-owned books at their "Image Comics Experience" panel from the "Change" and "Wild Children" writer. "Zero" melds traditional, real-world espionage and super-spy fiction starting in May, and each issue features a different artist illustrating a stand-alone story. Each issue of the ongoing series will be able to stand on its own but also act as a part of a larger narrative. So far, Kot has recruited Michael Gaydos ("True Blood"), Riley Rossmo ("Debris"), Tradd Moore ("The Legend of Luther Strode"), and Nick Dragotta ("FF"), among others. The series focuses on an agent by the name of Edward Zero who makes a decision a few issues into the series that will lead to his death two decades down the line.


Meanwhile, Kot also has a futuristic fantasy in the works with "Get Jiro" artist Langdon Foss called "The Surface." This four-issue miniseries follows a trio of hackers in the future looking for a mythical place called The Surface that will offer them sanctuary from the overly governed world they live in. As these things tend to go, though, The Surface turns out to be a lot more than our heroes expected.

CBR News talked with Kot about working with so many artists on "Zero," developing the world of "The Surface" and how Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" plays into both.

CBR News: The concept of not only doing one-off stories, but also having a different artist on each of them is a pretty interesting one. Was that one of the initial ideas you had for "Zero?"

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