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NYCC: Valiant & Swierczynski Tease "Bloodshot: Harbinger Hunter"

NYCC: Valiant & Swierczynski Tease "Bloodshot: Harbinger Hunter" Image
  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 12:32 PM

In advance of their New York Comic Con programming, Valiant Entertainment unveils the cover for the game-changing "Bloodshot" #7 as writer Duane Swierczynski explains his killer history with "Harbinger."

Valiant Entertainment started the week of New York Comic Con by revealing where the next major turn will lie for "X-O Manowar" with the "Planet Death" story. But the publisher is promising more news from their "Future of Valiant" panel on Friday at 2:45 PM, and shared with CBR a first look at the cover to "Bloodshot" #7 -a game-changing issue billed as "Bloodshot: Harbinger Hunter."

Writer Duane Swierczynski explained, "'Bloodshot' #7 is the first time that we're going to see Valiant's own man with no name in his prime, back before we met him issue #1. We've seen snippets of his past before, but they turned out to be anything but real. In January, get ready to go behind the curtain for an uncensored, unadulterated look at who Bloodshot was and, at last, his true purpose in the Valiant Universe. And, rest assured, it won't be a pretty picture."


The story will not only tie together two of Valiant's launch titles but also dig deeper into the Valiant Universe and Bloodshot's role in it. "Bloodshot was designed with one highly specialized assignment in mind. For years, he was out there hunting down as specific set of men, women and children designated by Project Rising Spirit. And, as we'll see in issue #7, some of the ones that got away will have good reason to forget the brutal boogeyman that still haunts their nightmares."

Stay tuned to CBR across the weekend for more from Valiant and New York Comic Con!

NYCC: Valiant & Swierczynski Tease "Bloodshot: Harbinger Hunter" View Story

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