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Opening The Book On "Infinity"

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  • Posted on 16th Sep, 2022 23:32 PM

With Marvel's event cards fully turned over, Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso explains Jonathan Hickman's "Infinity" from its origins as an "Avengers" story to a crucial role for The Inhumans.

EXCLUSIVE: A first look at Leinil Yu's pages for "Avengers" #18 featuring the Skrulls.

Lastly, let's get two from Spidey616 staring with, "Know Charles Soule is writing a few issues of Thunderbolts after Daniel Way leaves, is a new permanent writer in place? Tom Brevoort also mentioned T-Bolts having some Infinity tie-ins, will Soule or another writer be working on those specific issues?"

Alonso: Expect a full announcement "Thunderbolts" creative team by the end of the month, Spidey616. Issue #14 will be the first issue of the new ongoing creative team, as well as the first issue of the book's "Infinity" tie-in, so it will be a must-see book. We're very excited about the new team and what they're going to bring to the book.

And then, "It's been revealed the Skrull Empire will be back in prominence during Infinity, so gotta ask if we can expect the Young Avengers title to tie-in specifically Hulkling and his potential destiny with the Kree or Skrulls that fans are still wondering?"

Alonso: While "Young Avengers" won't be tying into "Infinity" specifically, sharp-eyed readers might have noticed a few Skrulls in the very first issue of the series -- and they've got beef with all things Kree.

And with that, I should wrap the week by announcing that next week, we'll have another special guest here at A-i-C...Mr. Mark Waid! So if you've got questions on "Daredevil," "Indestructible Hulk" or any of his Marvel work, head to the thread below to ask!

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