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Overwatch 2 Feels More Like an Update Than a Sequel

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  • Posted on 28th Sep, 2022 17:31 PM

Overwatch 2 is beautiful and thrilling, but it doesn't provide enough new ideas or mechanics to be considered a true sequel to the original game.

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Overwatch 2 just wrapped up its PvP Beta on console and PC. While a select few PC players had access to the game in an Alpha test earlier this year, this was the first time that the majority of Overwatch players got their hands on the game. The Overwatch 2 Beta was fairly limited in options, but it gave gamers two new heroes to choose from, as well as their first look at how the changes to the new entry affect gameplay. Players were greeted by Junker Queen (the new Tank hero) and Sojourn (the new Damage hero).


Along with the new heroes, players also got to try out a new game mode and several new maps. Additionally, the Overwatch 2 Beta featured some reworked characters from the first game. Doomfist, for example, was redesigned to fit into the Tank class. Other heroes, like Orisa, simply had their move sets altered for the new game. All of these changes were front and center in the Beta, but it didn't stop the game from feeling like just more of the same.

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Gameplay has always been at the heart of Overwatch. Make no mistake, the new game plays as smoothly and engagingly as Overwatch has in recent years. While the game plays well, there is nothing that makes it feel like it surpasses its predecessor. There are no new mechanics to make the game feel like it's the next step in Overwatch's evolution as a social game. Blizzard has stated that PvE modes, which were teased when the sequel was first announced, are coming in 2023, but that could be several months after the game launches. Until then, there is nothing here to indicate to a player that this is a true sequel to the original game.

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