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Palmiotti & Gray Bring Triggergirl 6 to "Creator Owned Heroes"

Palmiotti & Gray Bring Triggergirl 6 to "Creator Owned Heroes" Image
  • Posted on 16th Sep, 2022 04:03 AM

CBR spoke with "All-Star Western" and "The Ray" writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti about joining forces with Steve Niles to produce an anthology series for their creator-owned characters.

Comics can be a tricky business. Most writers want to be creative while also making a living. For many, the big bucks can be found by working for Marvel or DC Comics while a few creators have found great success and luck doing creator-owned comics. Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray do both. The writing duo might be best known for rejuvenating DC's scarred cowboy Jonah Hex, first in his own series and now in "All-Star Western," or another New 52 title, "The Ray," but they also have a series of creator-owned projects like "The Tattered Man" and "Trailblazer" from Image Comics that allow them to flex their creative muscles on their own terms.


But their plans don't stop there. Instead of continuing to release one-shots or miniseries of their own material, Palmiotti and Gray have joined forces with writer Steve Niles to create a brand new comic book/magazine hybrid called "Creator Owned Heroes" at Image Comics. The monthly series kicks off in June and will not only feature Palmiotti, Gray and artist Phil Noto's "Triggergirl 6," but also a second story by Niles and Kevin Mellon called "American Muscle." With a new creation, new comic and new venture in the works, CBR News spoke with Palmiotti and Gray about how "Creator Owned Heroes" and "Triggergirl 6" came about.

Gray: The bigger the better I say in terms of audience and readership!

To see how Triggergirl matches up with Palmiotti and Gray's other characters, pick up a copy of "Creator Owned Heroes" June 6 from Image Comics.

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