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Paul Pope's "Haggard West" Closes One Door, Opens Another

Paul Pope's "Haggard West" Closes One Door, Opens Another Image
  • Posted on 14th Sep, 2022 21:18 PM

Paul Pope gives readers a one-two punch of adventure and annihilation in "The Death of Haggard West," a one-shot prequel to his highly anticipated, long-awaited "Battling Boy."

There is a common misconception about Paul Pope. He is neither a cartoonist, nor an artist: He is a product of alchemy and poetry, a djinn made of ink and movement. He is a mathematical complexity, not to be solved. His latest project, the one-shot, "The Death of Haggard West" (being the title of the last issue of the non-existent series, "The Invincible Haggard West") from First Second Books, comes out in July, and will once again remind us that Pope is not of this world.


A single-issue precursor to Pope's October-releasing original graphic novel "Battling Boy," "West" sees the pulpy, eponymous hero do his best to defend Arcopolis from a bunch of hooded monsters. But things go south for our hero before issue's end, and neither his ray guns nor his jet pack can save him from death. But when one door closes, another opens, as Pope uses "West" as a set-up for "Battling Boy," also from First Second. Pope spoke with CBR News about why it was necessary to introduce the world to West, the vacuum the hero leaves in his wake and the heartbreak of killing him off.

CBR News: As a one-shot,"The Death of Haggard West" works well as story unto itself. But why take this particular approach leading into "Battling Boy?" I feel a little wrong in calling it a prologue --

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