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Robert Kirkman Remains "Invincible" & "Thieving"

Robert Kirkman Remains "Invincible" & "Thieving" Image
  • Posted on 16th Sep, 2022 04:32 AM

In advance of his appearance at Emerald City Comic Con, Robert Kirkman reveals new details about his ongoing series "Invincible" and "Thief of Thieves" including upcoming crossovers, inter-dimensional adventures and criminal activities.

Robert Kirkman is known for his big plans. Aside from the high concept twists and turns at the heart of the his "Walking Dead" series (which have hit big with non-comics audiences over the past two years thanks to its AMC TV adaptation), the writer also continues to doll out other comic book forms with his Image Comics/Skybound series "Invincible," "Super Dinosaur" and the just-launched "Thief of Thieves."


In his marquee superhero title, lead character Mark Grayson has recently given up the mantle of Invincible after being infected with a dreaded space virus meant to target his Viltrumite DNA, and in the hero's place has stepped up a new Invincible -the teen character formerly known as Bulletproof. Meanwhile, readers are getting a look inside the family drama at the heart of "Thief of Thieves" whose unique writing process sees a different co-writer on each arc starting with Nick Spencer.

In advance of his appearance at this week's Emerald City Comic Con, Kirkman spoke with CBR about both books, revealing how artists Ryan Ottley and Cory Walker will team for the inter-dimensional next arc of "Invincible," how the action with Bulletproof will ramp up towards issue #100, the origins of the characters crossover with The Tick and the next phase of story for "Thief of Thieves" as well as a look inside the new "Walking Dead" hardcover on sale at the show.

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