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Rom-Coms That Bombed But Became Cult Classics

Rom-Coms That Bombed But Became Cult Classics Image
  • Posted on 02nd Oct, 2022 20:31 PM

Romantic comedies come and go, and many take years to garner their deserved following.

Romantic comedies have been a staple genre of filmmaking since the days of the silent era. Some of the highest-grossing films of the silent era were romantic comedies such as The Gold Rush and The Circus. All these years later, romantic comedies are still one of the most popular genres amongst audiences.

RELATED: 10 Most Unlikable Comedy Heroes, RankedClassics of the genre include When Harry Met Sally..., Moonstruck, and It Happened One Night, all films that were enormous box office successes upon their initial releases. However, many films now considered classics of the romantic comedy genre were box office flops when they first premiered, with their reputations steadily increasing over time.


10/10 Twentieth Century Helps Define The Screwball Genre

Similarly to Twentieth Century, Bringing Up Baby is a screwball romantic comedy that bombed at the box office because audiences detested the film's zany antics and rapid-fire dialogue. The film was released in February 1938 and was one of the box office bombs that led to Katharine Hepburn being named box office poison later that May.

Like Sullivan's Travels, Bringing Up Baby's reputation grew to such heights that it was one of the first 50 films inducted into the National Film Registry. Bringing Up Baby is not only one of the greatest comedies ever made. It is quite simply one of the very greatest films ever made, period.

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