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Simone Rallies the 99% for "The Movement"

Simone Rallies the 99% for "The Movement" Image
  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 02:03 AM

Writer Gail Simone spoke to CBR News about the heroes of her new DC Comics series "The Movement" as well as the struggles of balancing entertainment with large-scale political ideas.

First announced back in February, this spring DC Comics and writer Gail Simone are bringing a brand new superhero team to the New 52 targeting greed, corruption and grassroots super-villainy in "The Movement."

Writing a team of brand new and existing DC characters applying an Occupy credo to crime fighting, Simone is joined on art by Freddie Williams II. While there are not direct story ties, "The Movement" was heavily promoted alongside Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani's revival of the 1970's "Green Team: Boy Millionaires" with the new "The Green Team: Teen Trillionaires," series representing the 1% while "The Movement" represents the 99%.


Describing the series as "what would happen if a group like the Teen Titans or the X-Men were created today," Simone spoke with Comic Book Resources about the upcoming book, her inspiration and what DC characters readers will see populating the pages of "The Movement."

CBR News: What gave you the initial idea for "The Movement?" Was it sparked entirely by the Occupy protests, or were there other factors involved?

Simone launched #madeupmovementfacts on twitter to promote the series

HA! I'd forgotten about that. When the book was announced, it was immediately trounced by some weirdoes on a bunch of political websites (left and right), which is fair enough, but as they didn't have any facts yet to go on (just a tiny bit of copy and one promotional image), they promptly made up goofy facts to be mad about. Which I guess shows you how low the standards for this stuff have become.

So I made up a hashtag about fake facts about the book, and a couple of my favorites were:

Starman Morrison‏ (@GeekyGeekyWays): For every issue of The Movement that is sold, .50 cents will be donated to a fund to launch Paris Hilton into space.

Travis McClain, Esq. (‏@TravisSMcClain): Pope Benedict's resignation was forced by the revealing of certain facts in @GailSimone's forthcoming book #MOVEMENT. #madeupmovementfacts

Joe Caramagna (‏@JoeCaramagna): The inciting incident of The Movement is the consumption of a bran muffin. @GailSimone #madeupmovementfacts

Adam Chmelka (‏@AdamChmelka): @GailSimone's upcoming Movement comic is a touching coming-of-age story about a teenage Adolf Hitler. #madeupmovementfacts

I don't know, they made me laugh at the time!

"The Movement" begins May 1.

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