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The 10 Best Anime Endings Of 2022 So Far

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  • Posted on 11th Oct, 2022 18:22 PM

2022 isn't over yet, but these anime endings have quickly become some of the fans' favorites.

The music associated with anime is one of the biggest draws to the genre. The opening and ending songs of fan-favorite shows often make audiences feel that much more hype for the anime. 2022 has been a good year for songs attached to anime, especially where endings are concerned.

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Ending songs are an important part of anime. They are the last thing audiences hear, and often carry the burden of the show's emotional weight – particularly if the story took a surprising turn. 2022's anime endings were up to this task, with beautiful, poignant, and fun songs to perfectly match their preceding stories.


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Demon Slayer is the story of humans' struggle to fight off the dreaded demons that prowl through the night. No song captures this feeling quite as well as the most recent ending song to the anime "Asa ga Kuru" by Aimer.

The tune is a plaintive and beautiful reminder of the Demon Slayers' constant fight to keep the demons (specifically Muzan Kibutsuji) at bay. The song's minor key and Aimer's stunning vocals make any fan watching the show feel the anguish and drive that the Demon Slayers face constantly.

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