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The 10 Best Batman Comics Since Rebirth, Ranked

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  • Posted on 27th Sep, 2022 04:31 AM

Since the Rebirth line-wide relaunch, DC Comics has produced some of the best Batman series, miniseries, and events in decades.

The New 52 changed a lot at DC Comics in its attempt to simplify the line. While Batman had one of the better outcomes of this era, fans were still nostalgic for the DC status quo before the New 52. When DC announced Rebirth in 2016, resurrecting prior timelines and restoring classic interpretations of the heroes, fans were excited. The new slew of titles in the summer of 2016 gave fans the heroes at their best and restarted an era of great comics and solid sales at DC.

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Batman fans have enjoyed several great comic titles since Rebirth's launch. Exciting new creative teams, as well as returning creators, helped usher in a great modern run of Batman books that expanded the mythos, introduced new elements to the Bat Family, and presented some of the best miniseries and events in years.


10 Tynion's Batman Was A Great Change From The Previous Run

Tomasi is known throughout comics for a reliable ability to turn in action-heavy comic book stories that only cover a few issues at a time. Because of this style, Tomasi's run tells a high volume of stories, from a major Mr. Freeze arc to a battle with the new canon version of the Arkham Knight.

This run of Detective Comics is one of the best long runs in the character's history, and spans from issues #994-1033. Not only is it one of the best Batman runs but also one of the best DC runs of the last two decades. With a spotlight on characters across the DC universe, Tomasi's run a must-read for all fans.

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