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The 10 Best JRPGs Of All Time

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  • Posted on 17th Oct, 2022 15:22 PM

For nearly four decades, JRPGs have been one of the most popular genres in gaming. These are the games that made the genre so big.

Japan has been a Mecca for the RPG video game ever since the release of Dragon Quest in 1986. Since then, Japanese creators have continued to release many of what are considered the greatest games of all time, let alone RPGs. With the plethora of incredible games produced under the JRPG genre, it may be difficult for fans to pin down the best of the best.

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Role Playing Games are all about transporting the player into another world, a distant time period, or a unique persona. This affinity for fully immersing the player in an experience is what has drawn gamers to the RPG genre in general. However, the best RPGs are the ones that not only bring players into their unique fantasy world, but leave the player with something transformative to return to their own lives with.


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Dragon Quest has been acknowledged for being the first console RPG, and the series has been at the forefront of RPG gaming since its release in 1986. Created by Yūji Hori, a defining feature of the game is the art which is designed by Akira Toriyama, creator of the hit anime series Dragon Ball. The series has been known for its enjoyable gameplay mechanics and lighthearted, generic storylines, and it has even branched off into Manga, anime series, and several spin-offs.

It is nearly impossible to exaggerate the impact that Dragon Quest has had on the RPG genre. From the archetypal image of the slime which has since appeared in innumerable RPGs, to the monster capturing system which inspired games like Pokémon, Dragon Quest pretty much created the RPG video game as fans recognize it today.

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