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The 10 Best Street-Level Costumes In DC Comics

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  • Posted on 04th Oct, 2022 16:31 PM

These DC Comics characters make fighting crime look good.

Since Superman first burst onto the scene in 1938, comic books proved that the old adage "you can't judge a book by its cover" was wrong. The Man of Steel's bright blue and red suit set the standard of superhero outfits, making a splash on the public consciousness and making it clear that the heroes of the four-colored page would always stand out.

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And while many heroes have colorful costumes that match their amazing powers, the vigilantes and ne'er-do-wells who walk the streets of crime-ridden cities tend to go the other way. Often dressed in dark hues that let them blend in with the shadows, the street-level characters of the DC Universe have made their own fashion statements that pack a punch.


10/10 Nightwing's Look Is Instantly Iconic


From her first appearance in a long green dress, to her purple dress, followed up by a purple bodysuit, and then her now more common black bodysuit, Catwoman has always had style - even when she wore that big cat mask for a while. As someone who spends their time climbing up the sides of buildings and swinging around Gotham either robbing the ultra-wealthy or fighting the many costumed villains that lurk in the city, Catwoman always does it in style.

Pretty much everyone looks good in black, but no one pulls it off like Selina Kyle. Catwoman's style has helped make her as famous as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, and with good reason.

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