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The 10 Best Wolf-Inspired Characters in Comics, Ranked

The 10 Best Wolf-Inspired Characters in Comics, Ranked Image
  • Posted on 22nd Oct, 2022 21:22 PM

In the world of comic books, the mystical and noble wolf has inspired a breed of lupine superheroes – some better than others.

Wolves have fascinated human beings for millennia. As sable, subtle animals bound by a strange kinship, their nobleness is matched by their savage, bone-crunching teeth. Their sophisticated pack structure reminds people of family ties while their howls to the moon belie a strange, otherworldly religion.

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Canines have always been important in human culture, ranging from an acceptance of wolves into the home to the ever-present myth of the werewolf – a creature who further obfuscates the line between human and animal. In the modern genre of comic books, we see this obsession filtered through a new type of myth-making, leading to a breed of lupine superheroes.


10/10 Man-Wolf Transforms From Civilized to Feral

Though Vertigo published hundreds of thoughtful, mind-bending comic book titles, few are as good or long-lasting as Bill Willingham's Fables. The Eisner Award-winning series explores the world of Fabletown, a secret, New York-based community of fairy tale characters. Consequently, it makes sense that the Big Bad Wolf is a major character.

Though an ensemble series, Bigby Wolf is one of the characters closest to a central protagonist, as his attempts to maintain order and solve mysteries often drive the stories. A noble rogue with a dark backstory known to all, Bigby Wolf's charm, dedication, and quest for redemption have made him one of comic's best characters.

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