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The 10 Coolest Haki Users In One Piece, Ranked

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  • Posted on 20th Sep, 2022 02:32 AM

Haki is a powerful learned ability that many One Piece characters use with style.

The One Piece universe has many haki users with their own unique identities. By definition, each have hardened themselves to the point where their willpower has become a physical weapon to use against enemies. Throughout their limited exposure, to the Straw Hat Crew, they have proven their strengths, potential, and values.

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Given their vast spectrum of personalities, it comes as no surprise that some users are much cooler than others. By identifying and ranking such individuals based on how awesome they are, it becomes easier to appreciate their roles in the story and why they are so naturally charismatic.


10 Trafgar Law Is A Selfless Rogue

Whitebeard's epic reputation warrants his status as the coolest haki user of the series. As unstoppable as he is kind, the man launched an entire invasion of Marineford just to save Ace, one of his sons. Although Whitebeard is most often known for his Tremor-Tremor fruit, he is also skilled at haki.

He injured Akainu and Aokiji during the Paramount conflict and was even able to employ advanced armament haki against Roger. Luckily, he did not hurt the latter in spite of his tremendous strength. To the contrary, the pirates became close friends.

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