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The 10 Politest Heroes In Anime

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  • Posted on 23rd Oct, 2022 14:42 PM

These anime heroes act with honor and prove that manners matter.

Many anime feel the need to subvert existing tropes by making its heroes edgy or brooding. Some go as far as to cast the main protagonist as the villain in a trend that has become increasingly popular over the years.

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However, there are still dozens of anime characters who are polite and courteous, embodying the classic tenants of heroism that viewers have come to know and love. Through approaching situations with kindness and diplomacy in mind, they help to remedy dire situations before they get out of control and make themselves look even more noble in the process.


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Code Geass

Soft-spoken and kind, Nico Robin is the most gracious member of One Piece's Straw Hat crew. She never squabbles with other shipmates and does not use her past as an excuse to behave out of line. Simultaneously, she isn't bossy and domineering like Nami and will never physically lash out for perceived slights.

Classy and composed, Robin's eloquence makes her an excellent counterbalance to some of the crew's most audacious members. As one of the last people capable of reading poneglyphs, she's also desired by virtually every captain on the high seas.

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