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The 10 Worst Anime Guns, Ranked

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  • Posted on 21st Sep, 2022 16:31 PM

Not all anime guns are made the same, some are practically useless.

Anime guns often serve as powerful weapons and tools for characters to utilize for survival. While some anime firearms wield extraordinary abilities and defeat supernatural monsters, others prove relatively useless in combat. Overly restrictive requirements and ineffectiveness against deadlier powers lead certain anime guns to pose little threat.

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Anime guns with explosive power can turn cumbersome due to overly complex designs and significant drawbacks. Wielding inconvenient firearms requires characters to use intelligence and alternative weapons to find success in battle. Firearms that appear intimidating can end up only proving useful in specific circumstances and unreliable in other forms of combat.


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The Patriot initially claims to be a multipurpose gun yet exists as the result of a desperate attempt to fake a job. The Patriot remains entirely nonfunctional and ineffective in combat due to its composition of mundane objects. Each Patriot eventually bases its advertising around being useless yet also having a hidden symbolic value.

The Patriot exists as a parody of a firearm rather than an actual weapon with the capability of firing projectiles. Each option the Patriot offers only draws inspiration from a firearm's design and the name of its attacks.

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