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The Avengers Assembled In Mind-Boggling Charts

The Avengers Assembled In Mind-Boggling Charts Image
  • Posted on 16th Sep, 2022 00:03 AM

New York Times' Data Artist Jer Thorp spoke with CBR about his mind-bogglingly detailed data visualizations which track every issue of Marvel's "Avengers," providing a unique look at the history of the team and title.

If you've been busy at the multiplex watching Marvel Studios' "The Avengers" assemble, you may have missed some staggering data visualizations that brilliantly deconstruct Earth's Mightiest Heroes' entire 570-issue run.

The visualizations were created by Jer Thorp, currently the New York Times' Data Artist-in-residence, who also happens to be a long-time fan of The Avengers. Analyzing data from Comic Vine API, Thorp produced striking visuals that reveal some interesting things about the super-team's past. For example, did you know the Avengers had the most females on the team from 1983 to '84? And did you know the issue to feature the most characters was 1998's "Pomp and Pageantry? (119 Avengers appeared!)


Thorp spoke with Comic Book Resources about the work and drive behind turning 50 years of dusty back issues into new data visualizations that reveal the underlying patterns of the Avengers.

CBR News: As a longtime fan of The Avengers, what were a few things you discovered about the team's history during the project that surprised you?

Charts showing every Avenger, ever, and another showing their first appearances in the title

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