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THE BAT SIGNAL: Beechen's Joker King Attacks "Batman Beyond"

THE BAT SIGNAL: Beechen's Joker King Attacks "Batman Beyond" Image
  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 11:18 AM

In the current epic "10,000 Clowns" arc of the digital first series, a new king of the Jokerz gang takes aim at Batman Beyond and brings the return of Tim Drake, Dick Grayson and more as writer Adam Beechen explains.

For DC Comics Dark Knight, the future isn't looking very funny.

Currently serializing in the publisher's digital first offerings on the DC Comics app is the "Batman Beyond" event "10,000 Clowns" -a massive story involving every character and story beat introduced over the past several years by writer Adam Beechen. As Doug -the convict older brother of new Batman Terry McGinnis' girlfriend Dana - is transformed into the new King of the Jokerz gang, a rash of suicide bombing clowns attacks Gotham City. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne lies on his deathbed due to a long hidden illness as Terry recruits a wave of former allies like Tim Drake and Dick Grayson as well as less familiar faces like the new Vigilante and Catwoman to help fight back.


With the new ninth issue of the print series "Batman Beyond Unlimited" - which presents the digital series alongside fellow series "Justice League Beyond" and "Superman Beyond" - out in comic shops this week, CBR swing its ongoing Batman discussion THE BAT SIGNAL towards "10,000 Clowns." Below, Beechen talks about the arc's origins in his early days on the Beyond beat, the ever expanding supporting cast of the series, working with legendary Bat artist Norm Breyfogle and providing fans with some extra behind-the-scenes thrills as the story heads towards its final battle.

"Batman Beyond Unlimited" also keeps up with the Justice League and Superman of the future.

There are a lot of balls in the air right now in the story - Jake Chill as the new Vigilante, the return of Dick Grayson, the mystery behind how Doug is controlling the Jokerz. What were your big goals in terms of changing everyone by the end of this story? Can we expect that by the end, a lot of people will be in different shape?

"Batman Beyond Unlimited" #9 is on sale now from DC Comics, and new installments of "10,000 Clowns" update monthly to the DC Comics app.

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