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THE BAT SIGNAL: "Detective Comics" Unveils Emperor Penguin

THE BAT SIGNAL: "Detective Comics" Unveils Emperor Penguin Image
  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 09:32 AM

With his third issue now on stands, writer John Layman explains the long game for his "Detective Comics" run and how the book combines a major new villain, classic rogues, Bruce Wayne's personal drama and more of Batman's greatest hits.

SPOILER WARNING: The following story contains spoilers for "Detective Comics" #15, which is on sale now.

Earlier this week, writer John Layman was promising readers how his third issue of DC Comics' flagship title would allow his story to "come into focus." Today with "Detective Comics" #15 on stands, his plans for Gotham City and the criminal hoping to take it over stand revealed.


In the first installment of a run tying into the current "Death of the Family" event, the writer and artist Jason Fabok pivoted away from Oswald Cobblepot -the longtime Penguin who clashed with Batman in their first issue - and towards Ogilvy, the Penguin assistant who has scheme of his own. That switch-up in story doesn't negate Penguin's own plans or Joker's incoming takeover of the city, but it does change where the story will go next.

To dig into exactly what this means for "Detective," CBR spoke to Layman as part of THE BAT SIGNAL, our ongoing exploration of the Dark Knight's world. Below, the writer reveals what exactly Ogilvy's move will mean for the book, how he's plotted his story from the start to focus on solo issues over trade-ready arcs, why the full gamut of Batman's world shows up in his run and more.

He is a Batman nerd. I write a scene with the Bat-plane or the Bat-copter, and he geeks out. He gets a chance to draw Clayface, and he's just wildly enthusiastic about it. He's also as fast as can be, so he's the best sort of artist to have. AND he improves issue to issue. He's ridiculously young, has a crazy work ethic and is super enthusiastic. So we communicate about things, and I'm getting to know more about what he wants. He wants lots of different characters and all the gadgets and pretty much everything the fans want.

"Detective Comics" #15 is in stores now from DC Comics.

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