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The Best Dialog From Netflix's The Crown

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  • Posted on 24th Sep, 2022 22:31 PM

With Queen Elizabeth II's death, the fictionalized version of her life, The Crown, is once again trending, as is its great dialog.

Even though there won't be any new episodes until November 2022, it's no surprise that The Crown is trending on Netflix this week. The passing of Queen Elizabeth II has all eyes on the British Monarchy once again, both the real family and their fictional equivalents. The Crown is a brilliant study of the life of the former monarch, though its historical accuracy has come into question many times.

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With twenty-three Emmy nominations and ten Emmy wins, no one can deny the series' entertainment value. Part of what makes The Crown so engaging is its dialog. So many exchanges in the series served to peel back these characters' many layers and examine their relationships with each other. The writing is sometimes nuanced and sometimes painfully blunt. Either way, the cast delivers each line with conviction that still resonates with fans.


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The end of the series' second episode shows the beginning of Queen Elizabeth II's reign. When the Queen returns to England after her father's death, she receives a letter from her grandmother, Queen Mary. Looking back, viewers can see how the contents of that letter framed Elizabeth's approach to her monarchy.

Queen Mary's letter tells Elizabeth that she must "separate personal indulgences from duty." It's a warning that Elizabeth the Woman will want things that she can no longer have as Elizabeth the Queen. It's a declaration that her sole duty is not to her husband or her children or her family but to the Crown.

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