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THE KICKSTAND: Horror in Black and White

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  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 05:32 AM

Was the flying saucer that crashed at Roswell really transporting three kids from the future? Also: A comics anthology that includes one of Spain Rodriguez' last comics.

The numbers are up again: There was a big dip in the number of comics Kickstarters over the holidays, from about 120 to around 60, but they seem to be bouncing back: As of this writing, there are 100 comics projects on Kickstarter and 27 on Indiegogo -- and yes, we're going there.

But first, let's kick it off with an interview with Tim Lattie, who is on Kickstarter raising funds to finance the first issue of his creator-owned comic, "Night Stars," the story of three children who travel back in time to save the world. Tim, who is based in New Orleans, has done some work for Ape Entertainment, including "White Picket Fences."


CBR News: Let's start with the elevator pitch: What's this comic about, and what inspired it?

What's the big idea? An autobiographical comic about dealing with death and loss, but also about surviving. The author was a student at Simon's Rock College of Bard when a classmate went on a shooting rampage on campus, killing two students and injuring many more. She started keeping a journal shortly after the shootings and has been reflecting on them, and the larger questions that were raised, ever since.

Moving force: Anne Thalheimer, who has been self-publishing the autobiographical mini-comic "booty" since 1995. This is her first long-form comic.

Selling point: Thalheimer has a compelling story to tell, and she is taking a thoughtful approach.

Premiums: For $5 she will send a thank-you card via snail mail, which is a nice touch, and for $15 she will throw in a sketch. A print copy of the book costs $25. For $75, you can send in three words and she will do a drawing based on them.

This caught my eye: There is no digital option yet, but a $400 pledge will cover the cost of digital conversion. Ironically, the reward Thalheimer offers for this is a handmade, one-of-a-kind hard copy of the book -- the very opposite of a digital version. I also liked the $100 pledge, which is a minicomic and a tutorial so you can make your own minicomics.

Goal: $2,000; she has already raised over twice that.

Deadline: February 17

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