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THE KICKSTAND: Waiting for the Trade

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  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 04:03 AM

Former Disney animator Tom Bancroft turns to Kickstarter to publish his comic, "Opposing Forces." Plus, we look at drives for indy manga, more "Hatter M" and a faux newspaper spy serial set in the Swinging Sixties.

Sometimes, Kickstarter campaigns fund a brand new comic or graphic novel, but more and more often, creators are using them to bring an older work into a new format. That's what Tom Bancroft's "Opposite Forces" Kickstarter is about.

Bancroft is a former Disney animator who worked on The "Lion King," "Aladdin" and "Mulan," among others. In the mid-2000s, he published a four-comic miniseries, "Opposite Forces" as a personal side project. It was released in two different formats, but now he wants to collect all four issues in a new graphic novel edition. We asked him why that was important, and what he has learned about Kickstarter.


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CBR News: "Opposite Forces" looks like a different type of story from the ones you worked on at Disney. What is the concept, and what interested you about it?

What's the big idea? This is the fourth volume of Frank Beddor's "Hatter M" graphic novel, a spinoff of his "Looking Glass Wars" novels, which purport to tell the real story behind Alice in Wonderland.

Moving force: Writer Frank Beddor, who wrote the "Looking Glass Wars" trilogy as well as the "Hatter M" graphic novel series. Liz Cavalier and Sami Makkonen complete the creative team.

Selling point: If you're already a fan of the series, this fourth volume is a no-brainer. For newcomers, the award tiers include the previous volumes, so you can catch up. The art is stunning, and Beddor's take on Alice in Wonderland does seem to be truly original.

Premiums: There doesn't seem to be a digital edition, but a paperback copy of the book is available for a $21 pledge, and a hardback is $30. Ben Templesmith, who was the artist for the first volume, has created a deck of playing cards that tie in with the story, and you can get those for $20. There are bundles of the earlier volumes, and a special limited-edition print of the alternate cover by Bill Sienkiewicz, and original art. The higher level prizes include being drawn into the story, an author visit, and the opportunity to have Beddor and his team edit, draw, and color a story you write. For $7,500 e will even go skiing with you. Plus you get the book.

This caught my eye: The $450 pledge is a top hat with retractable blades, just like Hatter Madigan's. This may be the single coolest premium I have ever seen in a Kickstarter.

Goal: $20,000, which has already been exceeded.

Deadline: March 22.

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