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THE KICKSTAND: We Interrupt this Kickstarter...

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  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 00:18 AM

A pair of creators call off their Kickstarter because of its success, plus: Code Monkey saves the world, kiddie vampire hunters take to the graveyard and funny comics teach about global warming.

Sometimes it's not bad news when a Kickstarter is suspended before it is completed. For Evan Young and Lou Iovino the creators of "The Last West," it was good news that made them call it off: They signed with a publisher, Alterna Comics. That means they will be going to print sooner than anticipated, and, as Young explains below, their Kickstarter couldn't be changed to accommodate that.

CBR: First of all what was your original plan? You were going to do digital only?


Evan Young: I see a two-part answer to this. The first part was our plan, on Day 1 of the Kickstarter campaign, was to use the campaign as a means to help us (that is, co-creator Lou Iovino and I) fund the project and see it through to completion. The original goal amount, an admittedly very hefty $45,000, was nearly all tabbed for our art team to get this project done; the rest would cover fulfillment of the rewards. To be clear, none of that money was tabbed for us.

The Children's Vampire Hunting Brigade

What's the big idea? A four-issue miniseries about two teenagers who go drinking in a graveyard and end up fighting vampires.

Moving Force: First-time comic writer David Lucarelli, who is a sound engineer and the lyricist for the band Dame Fortune.

Selling point: It's got vampires and little kids, and it's set in Scotland.

Premiums: A PDF of issue 1 is $4, a print copy is $5. The price for all four issues is $16 for digital and $20 for print. For $60, Lucarelli will call you up and talk for 15 minutes about the comic, his life as a member of a Hollywood-based heavy metal band, and what it's like working on Hollywood movies.

This caught my eye: The story is based on a true incident in Glasgow, Scotland: 400 children came to the local cemetery, armed with steak knives, to take out a vampire with iron teeth they believed dwelt there. "People look upon it now as an incident of mass hysteria," Lucarelli writes. "At the time they blamed it on comic books!"

Goal: $1,000, which has already been surpassed.

Deadline: May 14.

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