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The Riddler's 10 Greatest Riddles, Ranked

The Riddler's 10 Greatest Riddles, Ranked Image
  • Posted on 01st Oct, 2022 08:42 AM

His mind always at work, The Riddler has no shortage of deadly puzzles up his sleeve, the best of which leave his opponents picking up the pieces.

Few villains in Batman's rogues gallery have undergone as many dramatic re-characterizations as the Riddler. The threat he poses to Batman and Gotham at large varies significantly based on the comic book age and the medium. In some ways, E. Nigma's threat level is cyclical.

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The Riddler bounces between a campy but easily subdued nuisance and a criminal mastermind with a compulsion for turning his schemes into puzzles. Likewise, the riddles the Riddler poses also vary in complexity. Nevertheless, Nigma almost always presents riddles that are good or interesting in some way. Some give rise to absolute chaos within Gotham, while others are silly and fun.


10/10 The Corniest Riddle

Batman almost puts together all the pieces surrounding "Hush" on his own in Batman: Hush. The Dark Knight goes to Arkham and verifies the story with Edward Nigma, the mastermind behind Hush.

At last, Batman asks the Riddler, "His grave is empty. Where is Jason [Todd]'s body now?" The Riddler answers the question with a question: "That is a riddle, isn't it?" Infuriated, Batman punches him and storms off. However, Jason's whereabouts are revealed in later storylines and prove to be even more peculiar than Riddler's cryptic and taunting answer suggests.

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