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The Sandman TV Show: 10 Best Relationships

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  • Posted on 16th Sep, 2022 18:32 PM

In a story about beings more powerful than gods and the things that dreams are made of, it is the relationships that makes Sandman stand out.

Having recently hit Netflix, the TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman has provided viewers with many characters to follow, whether they be human, Endless, dreams, or demons. Yet, what viewers found more interesting than individual characters is the way that multiple characters interacted with one another, allowing the audience a glimpse into their relationships, healthy or otherwise.

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Desiring happiness for many of the characters, viewers have found themselves enamored by the relationships presented on Sandman, whether they are romantic or platonic. Sometimes, all a character needs to survive the difficulties they're faced with is a shoulder to lean on and the listening ear of someone they trust.


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Having gone through a painful divorce millennia ago, Morpheus and Calliope despised each other. Calliope couldn't forgive Morpheus for his lack of compassion after they lost their son, Orpheus, and Morpheus loathed Calliope for leaving him. Upon their divorce, Calliope claimed that she never wanted to see Morpheus again, and the feeling was mutual.

However, after being separately imprisoned by humans, both Calliope and Morpheus changed greatly, and after Morpheus' escape, Calliope swallowed her pride and called upon him to save her. More compassionate than he once was, Morpheus came to Calliope's aid, and the two made amends. Although much went unsaid between the ex-couple, their actions toward one another spoke volumes, and their new relationship, born from pain, was stronger than it ever had been before, forged by mutual respect and compassion.

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