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The Worst Days In The Lives Of 10 DC Heroes

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  • Posted on 01st Oct, 2022 08:31 AM

Heroes are people who are willing to risk everything for others. DC's champions of right have faced some epic bad days as the price for their heroism.

Many fans think of DC Comics as the home for a generally happy set of heroes, despite recent dark storylines. This stems from a long period when the public admired heroes in their comics. For the most part, heroes maintain the status quo and triumph in the end. Still, they have bad days and sometimes, they have the worst days.

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Sometimes a hero can turn a bad day into motivation. Sometimes it consumes them for a time. Every once in a while, they give up. However they handle it, a hero's worst day helps shape the hero for future writers. For example, every time someone close to Batman has died, it's shaped many stories going forward.


10/10 Batgirl Was Paralyzed By The Joker.

Kyle Rayner wasn't prepared to become the universe's only Green Lantern. It's a good thing that his girlfriend Alex was there to help guide the young artist into carrying on the legacy of Green Lantern. Then Kyle made an enemy in Major Force, one of Captain Atom's villains, who was working for the US Government.

In Green Lantern #54, by Ron Marz, Steve Carr, Derec Aucoin, and Darryl Banks, Kyle came home to find Alex's corpse stuffed into their refrigerator. Not only did it devastate the young Green Lantern, but it outraged fans. Gail Simone called it out as part of a pattern of killing or maiming female characters to motivate male heroes. Identifying this trope as "fridging" helped change comics for the better but it was clearly the newly-minted Green Lantern's greatest tragedy.

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