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Tim Daniel Hits It Big With "Enormous"

Tim Daniel Hits It Big With "Enormous" Image
  • Posted on 16th Sep, 2022 04:18 AM

Writer Tim Daniel and artist Mehdi Cheggour add their twist to the giant monsters ravaging the earth concept in "Enormous," an original one-shot coming in July from Image Comics' Shadowline imprint.

Earth is in big trouble thanks to giant monsters obliterating humanity: that's the basic idea behind Tim Daniel and Mehdi Cheggour's upcoming Image Comics/Shadowline one-shot "Enormous." Daniel has experience in the production side of comics, designing logos and interior graphics for various Image titles and writing and designing "The Powers Encyclopedia" and "The Walking Dead Survivor's Guide," but this is the first time he's helmed his own comic. Teamed with fellow comic book newcomer Cheggour, the duo have designs to put the world through the wringer.


Their debut story follows a group of humans doing their best to stay alive in the face of the very real and very gigantic menace of monsters dubbed The Enormous. In support of their one-shot, Daniel and Cheggour have given their potential audience a taste of what to expect through their website. With posts and artwork going back over a year, the site expands on the typical comic book blog by including concept art and pin-ups by artists other than the comic's co-creator, including work by Charlie Adlard ("Walking Dead") and Riley Rossmo ("Rebel Blood") among others.

CBR News spoke with Daniel about joining up with his artistic other half, creating something different from the usual giant monster formula and getting "Enormous" out in front of readers well in advance of the issue's July shipping date.

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