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Transformers: 25 Best Quotes From Optimus Prime

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  • Posted on 18th Sep, 2022 05:32 AM

Optimus Prime is one of the greatest heroes in pop culture history. His array of legendary and iconic quotes showcase exactly why he's loved by fans.

Few fictional characters have inspired more children than the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime. The epitome of heroism, Optimus was wise, decisive, self-sacrificing and noble, and generations of fans picked up on those traits and adapted them as their own.

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Optimus Prime's wise words were often uttered to highlight a sage path of action or to underscore a lesson. Of course, part of his appeal was also his rebuke of the rival Transformers known as Decepticons. Throughout the many incarnations of the character across different franchises, Prime has uttered spectacular quotes that will stand the test of time yet to come.

Updated on May 19, 2022 by Scoot Allan: While there are some things about the live-action Transformers franchise that make no sense, one character has retained his iconic status across the various adaptations. Optimus Prime continues to inspire both his team of Autobots and the various humans who have worked alongside them in the ongoing fight against the Decepticons. The release of Transformers: Beast Wars has led to a renewed interest in the wisdom Optimus Prime has delivered over the years.


25 "You Must Protect The Planet. If The Decepticons Find It, Then Our People Are Truly Finished.”

Optimus Prime in Bumblebee

Although Optimus Prime was more than willing to sacrifice himself for a cause, he was reticent to have his Autobots or human companions reciprocate, as he would much rather put himself in danger than others.

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If the situation called for nothing else, Optimus Prime would advise extreme caution to whoever was undertaking the mission — using logic and reason to mete out the potential for harm. Recklessness isn't something Optimus advised, which he has to remind Ironhide and some more of his hot-headed Autobots on several occasions.

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