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Who's Who? The Villains of "Batman: Arkham City"

Who's Who? The Villains of "Batman: Arkham City" Image
  • Posted on 16th Sep, 2022 17:32 PM

Which of the Dark Knight's myriad rogues will he confront in the latest Batman video game adventure? CBR breaks down the roster for you with a helpful guide to all the villains.

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The most recently announced addition to the "Arkham City" rogues gallery may have some fans up in arms due to his redesign (it looks like something straight out of the Batman anime serials), but there's no question that this assassin-for-hire is still a deadly adversary. He takes up residence in Arkham City, accepting jobs to kill targets, both innocent and guilty, for those who wish to pay the price. Batman has somehow winded up on this list, and he'll need to use every bit of his detective skills -- and bullet trajectory tracking -- to hunt down Deadshot. But this assassin isn't just deadly from a distance with his sniper rifle -- he's also capable of doing damage up close with his other firearms. There's no question that Deadshot adds a new degree of difficulty to "Batman: Arkham City" -- despite how people may react to his new look.

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