Why Kelli Giddish Is Leaving Law & Order: SVU

Why Kelli Giddish Is Leaving Law & Order: SVU Image
  • Posted on 31st Aug, 2022 10:44 AM

The departure of Amanda Rollins from Law & Order: SVU was unexpected - and, allegedly, not Kelli Giddish's idea, nor unanimously approved.

It was a sudden and unexpected Law & Order announcement: mainstay since Season 13 and fan-favorite character Amanda Rollins would be written out of Law & Order: SVU in the upcoming -- and record-breaking -- Season 24. When a beloved character departs, there is sometimes a small amount of comfort to be found in understanding the actor was the one who asked to leave, to pursue something new. But if early reports are to be believed, that was not the case with Kelli Giddish.


Way back in Season 13, a fandom reeling from the fresh, abrupt departure of Detective Elliot Stabler (a decision made by actor Christopher Meloni, at least, though influenced by some behind-the-scenes hiccups) was introduced to Detective Amanda Rollins. Freshly migrated from Atlanta, GA, Kelli Giddish's Rollins brought wit, personality and strength to the SVU squad room. Never one to shy away from speaking her mind or following her own inner moral code, Rollins was a headstrong and talented detective who organically grew to become a beloved member of the unit and a close friend of Captain Olivia Benson.

New episodes of Law & Order: SVU will return on Sept. 22 for its record-breaking Season 24 on NBC.

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