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Wood & Schaefer Unpack "X-Men" #1

Wood & Schaefer Unpack "X-Men" #1 Image
  • Posted on 16th Sep, 2022 23:03 PM

In a special Axel-in-Charge guest spot, "X-Men" Editor Jeanine Schaefer and writer Brian Wood reveal the secret origins of the all-female team, their new sci-fi villain and issue #1's last page reveal.

Wood's "X-Men" draws from a vast array of X-Women.

I've got to say, we have at least one fan on the message boards who is constantly asking when Pixie will get a moment in the spotlight again. When she showed up in #1, I kept waiting to see if she'd have a line of dialogue, and when she was more a background player, I thought, "Well, I know what the first comment is going to be about this book from that corner of the web."

Wood: I feel there are several of those people. I like Pixie a lot. She didn't make the cut for this cast, but as Jeanine knows, I keep trying to work her into the background. The writers always have some subtle turf war going on with these characters, so I feel if I just keep putting her in the background of the book, eventually I can claim her by default.

Schaefer: And one of the thing that's really hard about the X-Men is that there are so many awesome characters, and every character is someone's favorite character. When you start getting into the talks of "Who do we have?" all you do is say, "Well, that character's awesome. And THAT character's awesome." It's a matter of finding a place for them to fit at any given moment. Maybe that place is them just showing up.

Wood: It's like an artist's dream to work on this book. What better book?

Schaefer: Yeah, it's just a classic X-Men book. And when I spoke with all three of these guys, they were saying, "Yes! This is amazing! I can't wait!" I feel like they're all going to be bringing their very best to it, and I'm super excited.

Wood: Me too.

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