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X-POSITION: Humphries Reinvents "Uncanny X-Force"

X-POSITION: Humphries Reinvents "Uncanny X-Force" Image
  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 07:18 AM

Incoming "Uncanny X-Force" writer Sam Humphries makes his X-POSITION debut, answering your questions about his new mutant ninja noir squad premiering later this month.

While Marvel Comics and writer Rick Remender's epic "Uncanny X-Force" run came to a close last year, there's a new team waiting in the wings to take on the mantle. Best known as the man behind Marvel's "Ultimate Comics Ultimates," writer Sam Humphries takes a trip to the mainstream Marvel U as the new writer of "Uncanny X-Force," taking the book in a new direction for Marvel NOW! following the conclusion of Remender's "Final Execution" arc.


Humphries joined X-POSITION for his first run at answering your questions in anticipation of the series' January 16 release, including how "Uncanny X-Force" connects to Remender's run, the concept of mutant ninja noir, the possible expansion of the cast and more.

Humphries calls artist Ron Garney the true "killer" of "Uncanny X-Force"

EXCLUSIVE: Kris Anka's cover to "Uncanny X-Force" #5

3) There was this time that even Spiral thought of apologizing to Psylocke for what she did to her throughout the years, but decided that regret was for lesser beings (gotta love her!). Most recently, Spiral messed up with Psylocke again in Matt Fraction's Sisterhood arc. So how does Spiral see Psylocke? One of her favorite toys to mess up with?

There's something that Spiral sees in Betsy that hasn't really been explored yet -- a mirror. A reflection.

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