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X-POSITION: Lapham Journeys to "Age of Apocalypse"

X-POSITION: Lapham Journeys to "Age of Apocalypse" Image
  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 12:18 PM

"Age of Apocalypse" writer David Lapham takes readers to an alternate universe and answers fan questions about the human minority in this week's X-Position.

During writer Rick Remender's "Dark Angel Saga" in the pages of "Uncanny X-Force," readers got a fresh look at one of the darkest universes in the Marvel Comics Multiverse: the Age of Apocalypse. Following the conclusion of the "Uncanny X-Force" arc, fans of the world on the brink of destruction had the opportunity to stick around for the aftermath courtesy of "Age of Apocalypse," an ongoing spinoff helmed by writer David Lapham. "Age of Apocalypse" follows the exploits of a strike force of humans called the X-Terminated, which consists of alternate-reality versions of the X-Men's greatest human foes in the main 616 universe, as they strike back against Weapon Omega -- AoA's version of Wolverine -- in a world where humanity lies on the brink of extinction.


In this week's X-POSITION, Lapham took on all questions about his work in Marvel's most popular alternate reality, including tidbits about the X-Terminated team dynamic, the current status of the depowered Jean Grey, the freedom of working within a whole new continuity and the possible addition of new characters into the mix.

To start things off, Derek has a whole slew of questions about AoA and the dynamic between the X-Terminated.

Weapon Omega AKA Wolverine has been supercharged by the Celestials

Working in a completely different universe than the core X-Men books must give you a lot of freedom to work. As you've continued to grow this universe, have you found there to be more and more restrictions as more is revealed about it?

Not so far. You're dead on in the freedom part. The only hold back is that it's only one book so there's only so much you can explore at one time.

Bringing in humans as the rebellious minority in "Age of Apocalypse" seems like it parallels the plight of the original X-Men quite nicely, but with a darker twist. Do you feel like the story of the AoA core cast somewhat echo the development of the original X-Men?

That's the core idea, yes. Though it necessarily comes out a little differently because the mutant majority aren't having children born with a unique gift and sending them off to Prophet's school for powerless children. Human is a negative in every sense including being "less powerful", but still they are hopelessly outnumbered and must find a way to live among the majority -- be accepted by the majority if they hope to survive.

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