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X-Position: Lowe, White & Ketchum are the X-Editors

X-Position: Lowe, White & Ketchum are the X-Editors Image
  • Posted on 16th Sep, 2022 02:18 AM

X-editors Nick Lowe, Jordan D. White, and Daniel Ketchum swing by X-POSITION to answer reader e-mails and spill all kind of details on "AvX" and flaming birds! Plus

The X-Men need a lot of support to keep their super-teams running. They need people to maintain their aircrafts, staff to teach at the Jean Grey School, maintenance crew to tend to the grounds of Utopia, and janitors at Westchester to do... whatever it is that Toad does.

The writers of the X-books also require a lot of support and guidance, and that comes from those mutant-minded folks known as Marvel Comics' X-Editors. They act as both a GPS, providing direction for scribes, and a safety net, catching writers and artists on those rare occasions when they slip up in a story ("What happened to Colossus' hair?").


We checked with this group to see if they would be willing to answer e-mails from you lovely folks, and a brave trio stepped forward: Senior Editor and X-Men Group Editor Nick Lowe, along with Editors Jordan D. White and Daniel Ketchum. They are ready to rock n' roll, so I'll lay down a beat and allow them to crank out some power chords as we begin...

Rheged starts us off with some words of praise and a couple of water-logged queries:

"Age of Apocalypse" #3 art by Roberto De la Torre

Lowe: The X-Office would triumph in almost any such event. Not only are we far better looking and more clever than the Avengers office (especially that Brevoort simpleton), but we cheat and malign others in the press, too.

White: I would wonder how being better looking would help us in Ultimate Fighting, but I am too busy being clever.

Ketchum: In all seriousness, this is actually a conversation we have on a daily basis. Except it's usually a different scenario every day. Editorial Office Hunger Games. Editorial Office Amazing Race. Editorial Office RuPaul Drag Race. (Watch out for Jordan White on that one, because you know his alter ego "Sugar Snap" turns out a mean lip sync!) I'm pretty sure the X-Office would sweep all of the above, and -- as evidenced by these responses -- probably also Editorial Office Gauntlet-Throwing.

Remember, never wager against the X! Thanks fellas!

Next week, one of the most fearless scribes in the X-office's arsenal joins us to answer your questions -- Marjorie Liu! Want to know the dirt on X-23 or "Astonishing X-Men?" Here's where it'll happen. Send me those questions as soon as you can, and I'll pass them along with a wink and a smile. Put an "X-Position" in the subject line, and I'll tell you what the Phoenix's appearance really means (HINT: Dumbledore is returning!). See you in seven...

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