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X-POSITION: Wood and Wolverine Give an "Omega" Lesson

X-POSITION: Wood and Wolverine Give an "Omega" Lesson Image
  • Posted on 16th Sep, 2022 07:03 AM

Brian Wood, the writer behind "Wolverine & the X-Men: Alpha & Omega" answers your questions about the Alpha and Omega behind troublemaker Quentin Quire. Plus

Every school has its troublemakers, and the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning is no exception. Mischievous students cause the school administration to step up their game; they have to if they want to stay ahead of the gags and pranks. But what if your school's headmaster is "the best there is at what he does?" What if he's Wolverine? Then I suppose the school needs an Omega-level prankster, which is exactly what Logan has to deal with in Quentin Quire.


In the current "Wolverine & the X-Men: Alpha & Omega" miniseries, Quentin is running his headmaster (and a fellow student) through some deadly challenges, and is having a blast doing so! This is probably appropriate as the scribe behind this story -- Brian Wood ("DMZ," "Northlanders") -- seems to be enjoying himself as he writes this tale. Let's see if he's still having fun after we toss a dozen queries his way in today's X-POSITION. I'm betting he will...

Our first email of the day comes from Renaldo, who wants to start things off right at the beginning:

Exclusive art from "Alpha & Omega" #3, on sale March 7

5) Whatever happened to "The Couriers" becoming a movie? I'm dying to see it on the big screen!

Nothing happened. Literally! The option is still in place. I always think it's funny when creators or publishers announce an option. Options mean nothing. So many of my books have options on them and I never bother to talk about it unless something actually happens. "DMZ," "Demo," "Northlanders," "Local," "Couriers," and "Channel Zero" have all been optioned or are optioned, but none are close to being sold, much less headed into production.

The Seventh Light is naturally attracted to shiny objects, which is why they start off their e-mail with the following:

I am really enjoying your work on "Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha to Omega!" The characterization is spot-on! I very much enjoyed Bling!'s sassy and composed cameo! My questions are...

1) What is it about Bling! that attracted you to her character? Will Quentin's desperation to get her affirmation (or get her into the Construct) come to fruition in future issues?

I will give credit to Rockstar Games, which gave me the stock option money to go full-time with comics. It was a very difficult job in a hundred different ways, but that money got me through the lean times before I started earning steady money with my Vertigo projects.

Fans, write a letter to Rockstar Games to thank them for the gift of Brian Wood. Thanks for joining us, Brian!

In seven days, we'll discuss the legacy that's been left behind to writer Christos Gage -- "X-Men: Legacy." The scribe will be here to answer your questions about taking on the book (now that Mike Carey has concluded his lengthy run) and his plans for the team's future. As always, just send those emails my way as soon as you can. Put an "X-Position" in the subject line, and I'll teach you how to do the Angelina Jolie Oscar pose. Hurry!

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