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Zubkavich Leads The Way On Dynamite's "Pathfinder"

Zubkavich Leads The Way On Dynamite's "Pathfinder" Image
  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 23:03 PM

"Skullkickers" creator Jim Zubkavich discusses taking the reins on the comic book adaptation of Paizo Publishing's tabletop RPG "Pathfinder," sharing an

Jim Zubkavich doesn't just poke fun at the fantasy genre, he's also a fan. The creator of the wild and sometimes ridiculous Image Comics title "Skullkickers" often takes a skewed, humorous look at the tropes and standards of the genre, but it's all done out of love. The writer, who got his start in the comic biz working at UDON before jumping into the world of creator-owned comics, went back to some of those early connections to get his latest gig: writing Dynamite Entertainment's upcoming "Pathfinder" ongoing title, drawn by Andrew Huerta and based on the RPG developed by Paizo Publishing.


Taking advantage of the Open Game License, which allows for new games to be built around the skeleton of existing "D&D" game mechanics, Paizo Publishing's "Pathfinder" debuted in 2009.Like it's predecessor, "Pathfinder" takes place in a world filled with fantasy characters and settings. Considering the subject manner, Paizo head honcho Erik Mona believes Zubkavich -- who he knew from working together in the early days of the company -- is the right person to handle the writing on the comic book adaptation, which will greatly expand upon the world set forth in the game.

Even though he's dealing with a world created for a tabletop RPG, Zubkavich wants potential readers to know that there's more to the upcoming series than simple fan-service. He intends to offer fantasy adventures that require absolutely no foreknowledge going in. CBR News spoke with Zub about how this book will work for fans of his, further developing existing characters and how his old job helped him get this new one.

If you've enjoyed "Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki," "Skullkickers" or "Makeshift Miracle," then I'm hoping you'll trust me to take you on another entertaining ride. "Pathfinder" is character-centric fantasy tying together a wonderful cast of engaging characters with big exploration and adventure. You don't need to play the game or read the fiction to jump in. It's new reader-friendly and starting in August, it's going to kick all kinds of ass.

"Pathfinder" #1 debuts in August from Dynamite Entertainment by writer Jim Zubkavich and artist Andrew Huerta with covers by Lucio Parillo, Matteo Scalera, Dave Dorman, and Erik Jones.

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