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The Invitation's Big Character Reveals Hint at an Alternate Dracula Ending

The Invitation's best plot twists quietly reveal how the film builds an Elseworlds-style take on Bram Stoker's original Dracula novel.

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10 Most Stylish Video Game Villains

No matter how much misery these video game baddies cause, there's no denying that they've got style.

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10 Comic Characters Inspired By Dracula

Dracula has significantly influenced comic culture, with many characters taking key traits from Bram Stoker's iconic monster.

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10 Movie Characters With The Most Iterations (That Aren't From The DCEU Or MCU)

Some characters, whether lifted from novels or appearing originally on film, have appeared time and again, proving their staying power.

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10 Old Monster Movies That Still Hold Up

Nothing quite beats the appeal of old monster movies, with many still retaining their power to excite and frighten.

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Dracula Just Got a MASSIVE Upgrade, Thanks to Marvel's Favorite Mutant

Dracula was already one of the scariest villains in the Marvel Universe, and now he's more powerful than ever thanks to an X-Men icon.

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