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10 Amazing Sports Anime That Were Ruined By Their Endings

Sports anime can be about more than just sportsball. However, without a solid ending, even the greatest anime series can't stick the landing.

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The 10 Healthiest Couples In Sports Anime, Ranked

In the competitive sports anime world, there are several examples of healthy, loving relationships.

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10 Anime Characters Who Would Make Great Older Brothers

While some anime characters are literally older brothers, there are many more who would make a great fit as a big brother for potential siblings.

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Slam Dunk Teaser Reveals First Footage of the Upcoming CG Reboot

A brief trailer introduces the new CG animation that will be used in The First Slam Dunk, a new movie based on Takehiko Inoue's classic sports manga.

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Top 10 Sports Anime That Need A Reboot, Ranked

Several sports anime deserve to be refreshed for new and dedicated fans alike.

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10 Things Naruto Ripped Off From Other Anime

Naruto is one of the most-often imitated anime in the entire medium, but that doesn't mean that everything it does is completely original.

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