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10 Ways The Donner Cut Of Superman II Was Better Than The Theatrical One

Although the theatrical cut of Superman II was successful, Donner's version of the Man of Steel story was better in certain ways.

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WC15: "Superman" Stars Reminisce About Donner Years, "Crazy" '70s

Margot Kidder, Jack O'Halloran, Valerie Perrine and more detail how director Richard Donner made audiences believe that a man could fly.

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Superman II's Ingenious Use of Miniatures That No One Noticed

Superman II was made during an entirely different era of filmmaking. Here are some of the visual effects tricks that completely went past audiences.

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10 Problematic Sci-Fi Faves (And Why We Still Love Them)

Though they may be fan favorites, many popular sci-fi films have flaws that are hard to overlook.

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Did a Cigarette Company Have Creative Control of Superman II?

In the latest Movie Legends Revealed, learn how a cigarette company actually had some creative control over Superman II.

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